Terms and conditions

The company Walkabout Srl owns and manages the website www.WalkaboutFlorence.com and the tour operator and travel agency WA at Borgo Pinti 20, 50121 Firenze. Walkabout Srl is registered with and authorised by the City of Florence Chamber of Commerce, company number 587578 with tax code number (IVA) 05945490489.

Walkabout Srl can be contacted at Borgo Pinti 20 – 50121 Firenze, telephone number +39.055.2645746 or via email on info@walkaboutflorence.com.

Payment includes: rental of Walkabout giude and all accessories.


The rental includes 1 tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 – 7.0 and a charger.

A deposit will be taken at the time of rental. The Customer will pay the rental charge from the start date until the end of the rental period or the date all of the equipment specified in the rental agreement are returned to and accepted by Walkabout Florence.


The rental equipment, including the tablet and all accessories will at all times remain the property of Walkabout Srl. The Customer acquires no rights other than temporary use. During the rental period, no service or part replacements are authorized without written approval from Walkabout Srl. The Customer agrees that he/she has examined the equipment and that the equipment is in good working order at the time of receipt.


If the tablet and all equipment are not returned as stated below, then Walkabout Srl at its discretion may charge the full replacement costs of the phone and accessories, without prejudice to any other right or remedy it may have against the customer. In the event of any loss, damage, theft or disappearance of the equipment while on rental, regardless of circumstances, the customer shall pay to Walkabout Srl on demand, an amount equivalent to the value of the equipment as identified in the rental agreement, less any deposit retained by Walkabout Srl.


Any malfunction of the tablet must be brought to the attention of Walkabout Srl immediately. Walkabout SRL will repair or replace the equipment as soon as possible after it has been notified of the problem by the Customer and, provided the Customer is not in breach of the rental agreement, Walkabout SRL will provide the Customer with the same equipment as soon as possible for a period equivalent to the part of the rental period un-expired when the malfunction occurred.

Subject to this agreement the customer shall be solely responsible for and shall indenify and hold Walkabout Srl harmless against all claims, demands and liability arising as a result of lease, possession, use, condition, operation or misure of the equipment provided hereunder whether in breach of this agreement or however it arises. Walkabout Srl will in no event be responsible for any liability, claim, loss, damage or expense of any kind (including lost profits) whether direct, indirect or consequential caused by the table or other equipment or the failure of the equipment to operate correctly or at all.

Any dispute leading to legal action will be settled by the Court of Florence.