All'Antico Vinaio



One of the few genuine Florentine fast food places left in the city.

All'Antico Vinaio is always busy; it could be for the great food, the great prices, the interesting characters crushed into the tiny bar and spilling onto the street, or perhaps it is to do with the help-yourself-to-wine arrangement!

You will have to decide for yourself when you visit this popular local hangout. Try a classic crusty bread roll with porchetta, stuffed roast pork, or schiacciata with prosciutto, flat bread made with olive oil. The best sellers are often ready prepared for faster service at lunchtime, but they are always willing to create something from the fresh ingredients displayed in the glass fronted bar.

In the early evening, reasonably priced bite size snacks are available to accompany a chilled glass of prosecco or one of the Tuscan red wines left on a shelf for you to pour. Just keep count and pay at the end!