Cantinetta di Verrazzano



A quick snack and a glass of wine with an 850 year pedigree.

They had already been making wine at the Verrazzano castle for over three hundred years when Giovanni Da Verrazzano set out to explore the newly discovered coast of north America. Now it is possible to taste these wines by the glass as well as other produce from the castle at the Cantinetta in the centre of Florence.

The huge oven that you see in front of you as you walk in ensures that the excellent bread is made in keeping with tradition. The flattened bread, focaccia, is delicious filled with various hams and cheeses and is served warm from the oven. Try a selection of filled focaccia to share with a glass of wine for a reviving break from sightseeing.

There are some tables with friendly English speaking service and only a very modest price increase, or you can pay first at the cash desk and then exchange your receipt at the focaccia counter for an instant picnic to take away with you.


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Loved this place, the foccacia is great but you have to taste the torta della nonna cake too.

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There was a very inviting display of breads and pastries at the front of the shop but we took a table inside and had fresh bread with cheeses and Chianti wine from the castle owned by the same family.

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It was really cold outside so I popped into this place and had the perfect combination of warm foccacia, wine and cheese to warm me up.

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