Coin Department Store



A small but reliable department store in the heart of Florence's shopping district.

With entrances on four different streets right in the heart of Florence's historical centre, you are bound to come across this department store at some point. Among the many local and international brands you will also find Coin's own brand in the various sections: men's, women's and children's fashion, accessories, cosmetics (including simple items from hair ties to moisteriser and soap), and homeware.

Particularly good are the well-priced accessories – in the cooler months you can find a great selection of scarves, hats and gloves for both men and women, while the summer selection includes chunky jewellery, sarongs, light silk scarves and hair accessories for women; hats and beachwear for men – and the homewares basement, where you will find an eye-catching collection of table linen, kitchenware, glasses and decorative items, for starters.

The main entrance on Via Calzaiuoli also boasts a lively MAC makeup bar, where the ladies can simply browse the rainbow-coloured pots of eyeshadow or get a makeover and demonstration – just the “pick me up” you need during your Florentine shopping spree.

The department store offers Global Refund tax-free shopping for those leaving the European Union, as well as a tailor for quick adjustments.


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The first thing which came up in my mind when I went to Florence was: shopping! I went to this department store and it was wonderful. You have to buy shoes in Italy! The price is not bad for soft leather and a different design to what you normally get. Also the accessories are great and colorful.
Hint: Try out MAC, so you get a make over during your shopping trip.

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