Enrico Giannini


  • Address: Via dei Velluti 10red
  • Opening Hours: Morning 9:30am - 12:30pm Afternoon 3:00pm - 6:00pm Wednesday and Friday afternoons by appointment only
  • Closing Days: Closed Saturday
  • Area: Oltrarno
  • Category: Artisan
  • Items: JournalsPaperPhoto Albums


A fifth-generation bookbinder and paper artisan of the oltrarno.

Enrico Giannini's family was one of the first in the 1700s to create and sell the mesmerising marbled paper you see usually used as end papers or covers of traditionally bound books, but often now mass produced and printed. In his little studio he makes by hand these gold-tinged, arabesque one-off marbled papers (an almost extinct practise) which you will usually find decorating his own creations but can also be purchased separately.

Always very happy to talk about what he does and the history of his family to passersby who will often find him in the midst of binding a book. If you're a book lover or simply interested in learning bookbinding or marbling for yourself, Mr Giannini also teaches workshops and courses to keep the disappearing tradition alive.