Gelateria Carabe



The best ice cream shop for streets around, it's certainly worth a visit at some point during your stay in Florence.

Some ice cream enthusiasts say you can tell that the ice cream here is Sicilian and not Florentine, but for most of us, we just know it is very, very good!

If you haven't tried almond ice cream before this is the place to have one; it is absolutely smooth, don't expect crunchy pieces of nut, it is rich, creamy, smooth and decidedly nutty. Having said not to miss the ice cream, maybe you have to make a second visit because the granita and cremolata are not to be missed either!

The difference is that a granita is made with fruit juice, sugar and crushed ice to make a granular sorbet and the cremolata is made with thick fruit puree which is chilled more like an ice cream. Rest assured whatever your choice they are all made with fresh ingredients and without artificial additives.