Giuliano Ricchi


  • Address: Piazza Santo Spirito 12
  • Opening Hours: Morning 8:30am - 12:30pm Afternoon 3:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Closing Days: Closed Saturday and Sunday
  • Area: Oltrarno
  • Category: Artisan
  • Items: AccessoriesObjects


Florentine-style metal works are turned into precious little objects in this artisan studio.

This delightful little laboratory sits quietly in Piazza Santo Spirito, holding an array of precious metal works created by Giuliano Ricchi. Having created works for Dior, Nina Ricci, Neiman Marcus and Santa Maria Novella's exclusive stores, this artisan's humble workshop-boutique will surprise you with how reasonably priced these luxurious little objects are.

Exquisite key rings, pill boxes, business card holders, photo frames and jewellery are all painstakingly hand made in several different processes from start to finish including engraving, moulding, shaping, enameling and are priced between 12 – 25 euro for most objects, but many starting from as low as 5 euro. Beautiful enameled bracelets, made in brass and dipped in gold or silver, or bright ladybug or scarab keyrings and brooches would make perfect and unique handmade gifts, while things like the more masculine miniature pill boxes and decorative “post-it” note holders were a hit with the likes of Bill Clinton.

Find Guiliano Ricchi's workshop at the far end of Piazza Santo Spirito. If the door to this palazzo is closed, ring the buzzer marked "Ricchi" and "Carlo Cecci", the old name of the studio and either Guiliano himself or his lovely wife will greet you into their lovely courtyard for a browse and perhaps even a tour of the workshop.