Conveniently placed in a side street near the exit of the cathedral.

Is this the best ice cream in Florence? With such attention to freshness and nature's seasonal produce, surely Grom is a serious contender for such an accolade. They organically grow their own old cultivar varieties of peaches, apricots, pears, figs, strawberries and melons and source their other raw materials with equal care from around Italy and the wider world.

A quick glance at the flavours of the month board is enough to excite any palate, a further glance tells you that the chocolate comes from a named plantation and the hazelnuts are a named variety! Then the dilemma begins, should you have a gelato, a sorbetto, a granita or in winter, an ice cream with thick melted chocolate poured over? A list of 'harmonious matches' may help you, or you have to just keep coming back!


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You know that there is something special about the ice cream if you have to line up to get to it. It was really worth waiting an extra 5 minutes to taste the wonderful creamy pistachio. I went there every day to taste something new and it was just fabulous.

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The best gelato in town!

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