Loretta Caponi



Legendary artisan embroidering for exclusive bedlinen, loungewear and children's wear.

Loretta Caponi began embroidering as a child and has since become a sort of living legend, a true artisan rather than simply a designer. Exquisitely hand-embroidered details and natural fibres such as silk, linen and cotton are some of her trademarks that she now shares together with her daughter.

It is not difficult to understand why her clients include people like Prince Charles and Anthony Hopkins, who claims she has the “finest store in all of Italy”. Among her many creations are luxurious men and women's loungewear, linen and children's wear, such as all-out, hand embroidered, long, ceremonial dress with matching bonnet.

Also of worthy mention is the children's bedlinen – just ask Madonna, who had Caponi make a set for her newborn son, Rocco.