Mosaici Lastrucci



The traditional and intriguing art of pietre dure, the Medici's favourite inlaid stone work, in a jewellery box-like workshop.

Father and son team, Bruno and Iacopo Lastrucci, carry on an ancient Florentine art that has almost ceased to exist, the art of pietre dure, an elaborate inlaid process using precious and semi-precious stones to create what is basically a painting made of stone. Domenico Ghirlandaio called it “painting for eternity”.

The stones are chosen for their shifting colours and are painstakingly sliced, cut, filed and put together like a precious jigsaw puzzle. It is like walking into a living museum as you enter the studio and watch the nimble and patient hands of the Lastrucci family recreate history.

You can purchase any of their jewellery or decorative creations or even antique pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries that are on display in the gallery, and they will package and ship them home for you for free.