Old Stove Signoria pub



A pub with a view.

Sitting in one of Florence's most historical piazzas, the Old Stove Signoria pub has one of the best outdoor spaces. Lodged between the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence's medieval town hall, and Palazzo Uguccioni in monument-filled Piazza della Signoria, you really can't beat the people-watching potential of this pub.

Enthusiastically decorated as Irish pubs go, the interior has the dark wood and kitchy ornaments that pubs call for, and even a huge basement area complete with fireplace for the rough weather. But why forego the opportunity to sit outside with Medici duke Cosimo I's sculptures looming over you in this fantastic and fascinating piazza?

The drinks list is strictly that of a pub, offering imported draught beers from 3.50 euro for a half-pint, local and imported bottled beers as well as cocktails, spirits and soft drinks.