Osteria Vini e Vecchi Sapori



Get there early to be sure of a table.

There are only 18 seats in this one room osteria and a lot of people know how good it is. Although right in the thick of things just off the Piazza della Signoria you will find it full of Italians, a genuine testament to its authentic cooking. At some tables sharing is inevitable but with the high vaulted ceiling and plenty of light, there is still a sense of space.

The hand written menu is short, traditional and changes daily and while it is not available in English, some translations may be offered by the owner. The pasta choices include the unusual wide tubes called paccheri and the sauces are classics. The meat sauce (ragu) is particularly good. Main course choices are a little different from standard fare and are delicious, you might try stuffed artichokes or light-as-a-feather meatballs called polpette. The homemade zuccotto (the Florentine version of tiramisù) is sweet, light and generously portioned, and if you order a coffee to finish, it is brought to you in a home style coffee pot, straight from the stove top. Service is also traditional trattoria-style, friendly but straight forward and business-like.